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  • Girl with Earring

    Girl with Earring

    A lovely image of a young girl. Her cheeks and lips are lightly tinted.

  • Man with Pug

    Man with Pug

    This is hands down my favorite tintype. I am particularly fond of it because I have two pugs of my own at home. I just love the way the pug is leaning against the man, it reminds me of my own dogs everytime I look at it. Perfect! Carte-sized tintype. ca. 1890

  • Young Couple with Book

    Young Couple with Book

    Their cheeks are lightly tinted and their jewelry has been accented in gold. The man has a large book in his lap and the woman is holding what looks like a sprig of berries. 1/6 plate in brass mat.

  • Unknown Couple (CDV)

    Unknown Couple (CDV)

    Photographer's imprint: OTTO ZEUMER / CRIMMITSCHAU Backmark: OTTO ZEUMER / Atelier fur Photographie / CRIMMITSCHAU / Jacobsgasse 14 / August Burdestrasse. / Telephon No 223 / Die Platte bleibt fur Nachbestellungen und / Vergrosserungen aufbewahrt. From this Album.

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